2024 T.D.G DATES
Kid’s evaluation/testing runs the week before and after adult dates

March 30th, 2024

Basic – Advanced Belts

The belts listed are the belt you currently hold. Do Not Attend the TDG for the belt you are going for. Failure to attend the correct time will result in a failure & loss of TDG fee.

White – Yellow Belts 3/30/2024 

9:00 am Start Time

Orange, Camo & Green Belts  3/30/2024 

 11:00 am Start Time

Advanced Testing Blue, Brown & Red

3/30/2024  6:00 am Start Time

June 29th, 2024

Basic & Intermediate Belts

Sept 28th, 2024

All Belt Levels Belts * See Coach John Regarding Brown, Red & Above Testing Schedule

Dec 14, 2024

Basic & Intermediate Belts

All Belt Levels Belts * See Coach John RegardingBrown, Red & Above Testing Schedule

Adult Testing Fees

Yellow, Orange & Camo $100

Green & Blue $150

Brown & Red $200

Black Belt $1500 Pre-Paid Peaceful Warrior Fee $750


Youth & Teen Testing Fees

Yellow – Red Belts $24.99

Junior Black Belt $250

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