MODTAC Training Group offers a wide variety of firearms training for new shooters to advanced shooters and law enforcement personnel. As former and current Special Operators, collectively we bring a training solution to everyone who dares to learn.

MODTAC Training Group Operates out of our own private range South East of Denver Colorado.

Our training area has a flat range berm which will hold up to 20 students on the firing line at one time, and side berms that offer lateral transitional shooting up to 180 degrees. It also allows shooting from 1 yard to 100 yards.
For our long-range courses, we have a 100-meter zero platform and dozens of long-distance steel targets.

We operate on the principle that good shooters and Top Tier Operators begin by being really good at the basics, so that’s where we start.
Beginning with proper kit setup, and understanding how the weapon operates. This knowledge feeds into stance and grip, which culminates into being more proficient with your firearms in all situations.

Upcoming Classes:


The MODTAC Training Group 3-Day Long Range Course was designed to get new and experienced shooters a sniper school-type education packed into 24 hours of instruction.
As with all MODTAC Training Group courses, we will start with the fundamentals, and build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for shooting long-range. Whether you are a seasoned police sniper looking for an annual train-up, or brand new to shooting, during this course, you’ll get lots of one-on-one attention, and walk away with vast knowledge and lots of experience in long-range shooting.
This course will cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to, rifle and scope setup, introduction to multiple shooting platforms and associated equipment, MIL vs MOA explanation, muzzle velocity, external ballistics, flight path, wind calls, shooting fundamentals, positional shooting, and shooter/spotter conversation.
Over the 24 hours of instruction, there will be approximately 6 hours of classroom time, 2-3 hours of practical exercise, and 17+ hours of shooting.
Dave, the primary instructor, is a former Sniper Qualified Green Beret, who has spent the last 8 years building guns, designing gun parts, and teaching courses. He has lived and breathed firearms since his army career began in 2006, and continues to shoot nearly every day.
This course does not offer a certificate, beyond one of completion. Our goal is to make each student better at understanding the knowledge and science behind the weapon platform and be able to accurately employ it as necessary.
Requirements: Bolt Action or Semi-Automatic (AR-10 style) Rifle, .308, .243, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .300 Win-mag, etc. with Bipod, and a variable power scope.

*Detailed information will be sent out regarding required and recommended equipment upon request, or upon signing up for the course.

Cost: $750 per person

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