For time:
8 Tabata Air Squats, 4 mins
Abdominal Exercises, 2 mins
8 Tabata Pull-ups, 4 mins
Knees-to-elbow, 2 mins
8 Tabata Ground To Overheads, 4 mins
Corkscrew, 2 mins
8 Tabata Burpees, 4 mins
AbMat Sit-up, 2 mins

Extra Instructions
8 Round Tabata’s followed by 2 minutes of core work

1st ab exercise is seated figure 8’s (like seated circles but draw an 8)
2nd Ab crunch knees to elbows ( hands stay at hands bring knees to elbows )

3rd is a reverse crunch with a twist up and to the left back down and up to the right

4th reg ab mat sit up

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